YouTube Beauty Gurus

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I know that at the end of my last post I said I wanted to do a makeup haul, but I feel that the past few posts have been too beauty oriented so I thought I’d change things around a bit!


My favorite pastime of late, (actually I started a year ago) has been watching YouTube videos and I really admire some of the YouTubers. The thing about me is that once I start with one channel, I don’t like watching others and I tend to stick to that channel (unless they recommend or talk about another channel). So I’ve continued to watch the videos of only a handful of popular YouTube beauty gurus.

I love beauty channels because not only do we,as viewers get an insight into the lives of semi-celebrities of the YouTube world, but they also give us tried and tested tricks of the trade (wow, alliteration alert) about makeup, health, styling your wardrobe, and so many other topics as well, like relationship advice, friend advice or even how to start your own Youtube channel. I, along with millions of others, somehow relate more to YouTubers than to, say celebrities like Emma Watson or even Jennifer Lawrence (however funny and adorable she is, one can’t help but realize that at the end of the day, she is a famous personality and she can afford to be the way she is).

Anyway, I digress.


So my favorite of the lot, is British YouTuber Sammi Maria, who goes by the YouTube channel Thebeautycrush. I love her videos and have been a subscriber for a little more than a year now. She is always really cheerful, bubbly and so down to earth. Sometimes she talks incredibly fast and ends up mispronouncing a word, but she is so uninhibited about it that it ends up being comical. She uses the phrase ‘bits and bobs’ quite often that I’ve started using it too. Also, I really like her taste in fashion and makeup so I know that if I see something on her channel or her Instagram, I most probably will want it. The deal clincher was the fact that she loves tattoos as much as I do (she loves them a lot more in fact) and she has so many that I’ve lost count.

This video is of her boyfriend Jason and her doing the Accent Challenge. I really enjoyed this one because there are so many funny bits, and they make such a cute couple (also I laughed way too much).


AndreasChoice is such an awesome channel for DIY freaks like me. I learnt how to achieve a splatter effect on my nails using nail paint, how to get a matte finish for nails with polish that isn’t matte and how to make distressed denim shorts. I also loved her fall hairstyles video.

This video is on DIY hair treatment using onions. I’m a little skeptical about this, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be following it unless I really need to! (I have horribly thick hair)


SianShutterbug is another favorite. She had uploaded a video on how to make peanut butter cookie cups and I just had to try it. Truth be told, I think I did something wrong, and it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped it would, but I ended up adding a dollop of Nutella to it after it was done so that made up for everything! I adore her Lookbooks and the clothes that she usually buys in her haul videos.

This video is of the peanut butter cookie cup recipe that I tried, for all of you baking wizards out there, or anyone who loves to eat. Even if you can’t make it, get someone else to!


What I like about ThePersianBabe is that her style is always really simple, easy to imitate and yet sophisticated. Her name is Barbara and she’s a medical student only a year older than me! (She’s 21). I’ve noticed that she usually dresses or prefers clothes in monotone colours and that’s what separates her from the others.

This video is a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) for her 21st birthday. The outfit is too simple for my taste, but I loved her makeup/hair.


Last but not the least is ICovetThee. This is a relatively new channel that I’ve subscribed to and I’ve only watched about three or four videos of hers, but I love her crisp British accent and the fact that most of her products are affordable and are available in India.

I loved her Whats In My Bag tag. The Zara bag is so professionally elegant, as is the cute Chloe makeup purse.

So these are my top five favorite YouTube beauty gurus.

You can send in your favorites too so that I can check out other channels as well.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below or you can email me at

Suggestions for blog posts are most welcome 🙂

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Forest Essentials

Hi everyone!
Happy weekend for most, but not for us students sadly. My apologies to my readers, but this week my exams (end semesters/ finals/ insert any other name by which the big bad exams are referred to) started, in fact today was my first paper. It went well I suppose, but don’t ask me to elaborate!

Forest Essentials 1

Forest Essentials 2

Today’s post is about one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received and my BFF (yes I actually used that term) Shreya gave it to me for my nineteenth birthday last year. It is a gift set from the Indian brand Forest Essentials, and to be honest I was very impressed with the elaborate packaging and design of the cover box, the cute bottles and containers as well as the glossy pink paper bag which it came in, but I was a little apprehensive about how much I would use it. I’m not very big on facial products, I use minimal makeup usually and I try to keep my face as clean and clear of chemical products, but this kit has really changed my opinion.

Forest Essentials 3

I have been using the products for only about a week now, and I honestly can’t say if there’s a huge improvement in my skin from using all the products, but with some I have definitely observed a difference.

Lip Balm Kerala Lime Breeze

My favourite, favourite of the lot is the Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm. I have used tons of store-bought lip balms in the past, and I’m using one by Body Shop right now, but this one surpasses all of them with flying colours. My lips get dry very fast, and it takes a good lip balm to last long and keep my lips moist, and this one does the trick. Not just that, but every time I apply it, it leaves my lips looking its natural, healthy shade of pink. After I run out of this one I’m definitely going to be buying another!

Facial Toner Pure Rosewater

My next favourite is the Facial Toner made from Pure Rosewater as the label says. I leave it on at night, after I’ve washed my face and scrubbed it clean. My facial skin feels like it’s breathing the next morning. I love the effect of rosewater on my skin; it’s a great anti-oxidant and also helps keep dry skin moist and smooth. Shreya swears by it, and keeps a bottle of spray-on rosewater in her bag wherever she goes.

Facial Cream Sandalwood

The Facial Cream made from sandalwood is truly magnificent. I love the smell of sandalwood in general and the cream has a cooling effect on my skin. My mother makes a great sandalwood face pack and so I’m well aware of the wonderful effects it has on skin. I used to wear face masks to prevent pimples and it worked wonders. Here’s a recipe to make a great sandalwood face pack/mask at home:
• Pure sandalwood powder (1 teaspoon)
• Lime juice (1 teaspoon)
• Rosewater (as needed)

First mix the sandalwood and lime juice (try to buy pure sandalwood in the form of the sandalwood sticks). Then add the rosewater little by little until the mixture is thick but not too watery. Apply immediately on washed and dried skin. Leave it on for about half an hour and then wash it off with water (no soap required). Doing this every day for a week or so will definitely lead to improvement in skin tone, smoothness and lightening of dark spots.
You can also add honey or curd or both actually. The lime acts as a bleaching agent and lightens the skin (like dark spots). The rosewater prevents drying of skin, and the sandalwood smoothens it.

Delicate Facial Cleanser

The Delicate Facial Cleanser is a face wash (as far as I can tell) and I’ve used it only once so I can’t really comment on whether it has brought about any change in my skin but it does smells lovely. It contains mashobra, honey,lemon and rosewater and is sure to lighten and smoothen skin if used regularly.

Facial Scrub Walnut Gel

The Facial Scrub which is a Walnut Gel is so relaxing and smooth after washing off (it is a bit rough while applying because of the walnut granules). Again I’ve used it only once but I really like it (also it’s in a small container so I’m stingy with the usage haha). It smells so refreshing and the granules once massaged into the skin leave it feeling clean and smooth.

Forest Essentials 5

The Sunscreen Lotion Aloe Vera hasn’t been used yet, though like all the other products in this set, it smells heavenly, that is for those of you who like Aloe Vera. What it does is act as a rehydrating agent and is used in this product as a sunscreen lotion which is great.During the summer skin does tend to get dehydrated (or even over-exposure to the sun can also cause this). Can’t wait to try this one out!

Forest Essentials 4

The best part about Forest Essential products is that they are not tested on animals and they use completely natural ingredients like rosewater, walnuts and lime.

In my opinion the ingredients have been blended really well and the fragrance also lasts long. I am sure to make my mother (who is a vegan) also try these products. They are wonderful for people who are into natural products, animal-lovers or just anyone who loves facial creams and balms.

I also want to add that I’m really impressed with the product design of these items. I love the gold caps, the colours used for the packaging and the font as well. The general look and feel of Forest Essentials is very elegant and sophisticated.

That’s it for today guys; hopefully a makeup haul will be the next post!
Have a great weekend! xx

Hair, Skin and Health for the Summer

Hi everyone!

I have decided that I’m going to keep my blog organized, so from now on I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You are free to send me questions, comments, photographs, short stories or poems and I will be happy to put them up here (need not be fashion related obviously). You can send them to

As summer looms large ahead, I thought that it would be nice to share some personal beauty treatments, tips and products for the coming summer(that’s likely to be one of the worst ever). Some are for the summer, others can be used the whole year through.


For me, the most important thing is my hair. I try to keep it as clean and frizz free as possible and I’m a huge believer in using hair oil. I oil my hair and wash it at least thrice a week, and I feel that that way the natural oils are intact for a few days but also that it rejuvenates with every oil/shampoo wash.I think oiling one’s hair is important for any person regardless of weather or hair type. An American friend of mine said that she felt her hair had become softer after she started applying oil (this was while she was in India). I use Himalaya shampoo, and I don’t believe in using conditioner. I feel that it makes my hair even more rough than it originally was, and that it robs it of its natural shine and moisture.


I have tried quite a few shampoos that are available in the Indian market, like L’Oreal, Tresemme, Sunsilk, Herbal Essence and Dove. I didn’t like most of them because I felt that they didn’t suit my hair type, (even though they advertised that they did) and the few that I did like, the effect wore off after a few months. However I felt that Herbal Essence has been one of the best, but now I’ve started to use Himalaya. It’s good to change one’s shampoo every few months so that the scalp/hair doesn’t become used to one product and also if the product has too many chemicals, the risk of damaging the hair is less.

protein shampoo

I’ve found that for me, the tips of my hair are the driest, so I apply a little bit of oil (preferably not coconut oil because it smells) to the tips when it’s still wet. This keeps it moist but not oily as the water/oil combination prevents it from becoming so.

To give my hair a more refined, obedient look (it always defies me) I use L’Oreal Paris’ Anti-frizz Serum Smooth Intense for Dry, Frizzy Rebellious hair (my hair to a tee). It’s works wonders for my hair and gives it a set look.


When I first moved to Bangalore, the water had adverse effects on my hair, causing it to fall more often than not, so I bought L’Oreal Paris’ Fall Repair 3X which is a leave in tonic. To be honest I don’t know if it helped or not because I became too lazy to apply it in the first place. But I’ve heard good reviews of the product.

loreal paris fall repair 3x

I’m someone who loves experimenting with my hair, be it cut or colour, and because of this I have to be more careful. Colouring hair often is unhealthy and can cause hair loss, hair damage, split ends, etc. unless you manage it well. I would suggest don’t colour your hair more than 2 times a year, because the colour lasts for a good 2-4 months, unless your hair grows really fast. I have premature greying of hair, so I started when I was pretty young, but now I’ve become aware of the long-term consequences and don’t do it as often as I used to. I even bleached the tips of my hair blonde last year, and will put up another post on bleaching hair at home, safely and how to maintain it.

For greying, one can also use henna but I prefer to colour my hair because I like the uniformity of colour as opposed to the occasional gold/red streaks. It’s available in most stores nowadays, and very easy to prepare and apply at home.



In cold weather, (especially Bangalore weather) where the days can be pretty dry and pollution filled, I’ve found that applying cold cream removes the dryness but protects my skin from the humidity, dust and pollution (this is only if its applied in moderate amounts, using too much can result in one of those cold cream ads where everything sticks to your face, particularly pollution). One way to ensure that you don’t use a lot of cream is by applying five dots of cream each on your forehead, nose, either cheek and chin, then massage it into your skin. Also, take one fingertip’s worth of cream, not more, not less. I use Pond’s cold cream.


Never apply cream on your face at night, because this is the time that your facial skin can actually breathe, and doing so will result in clogging of the pores. Wash your face thrice a day, once in the morning after you wake up, once after you come home from college/work/school and once before you go to bed. I use soap for my face only once a day, after I get home from class. And this is because the soaps that I use are handmade, natural soaps from Fab India. But otherwise face wash can substitute regular soap, but just once a day, for regular skin like mine.  Those of you who have sensitive skin/acne/pimples should use creams/soaps/face wash as suggested by your dermatologist.

fabindia soaps

My body is so strange that I have my monthly ‘period pimple’ (pimple that comes and goes before my monthly visitor). Most of the times, it arrives and leaves without much hooha but sometimes I do have problems. For that I use Garnier’s Pure Extra Strong Pimple Control Pen. It works wonders for small pimples, white heads and black heads. I leave the gel on overnight and by morning the bomb of a pimple has been diffused (as are the whiteheads/blackheads that are easier to get rid of).

garnier pimple pen

For facial hair (the dreaded part of every girl’s face) I use Anne French because my skin is pretty allergic and sensitive so this works best for me. For those of you who aren’t allergic/sensitive then Veet is also another option, though I should add that it’s a little too strong/harsh for upper lip hair, but works well for the arms and legs. I’m also highly allergic to wax, which is why I have to resort to using hair removal cream as opposed to waxing. And I simply don’t like the idea of threading, but do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Anne french

I am thankful to my parents and every other supernatural being out that who has blessed me with decent eyebrows. I haven’t had to get them done yet, but eyebrows (well shaped ones at that) can really change the way you look and are perceived. If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the eyebrows are definitely the attractive curtains or at least the curtain rods that hold up the attractive curtains/blinds (pun not intended). So if you feel that your eyebrows need a good threading/tweaking then get it done ASAP. Or not, that’s up to you; no social pressure.

During the summer, I prefer to wear the minimum amount of makeup possible. It either melts/smudges/slides off or is wiped off while wiping sweat (unless you’re sitting in an air-conditioned atmosphere the whole day). I prefer eyeliner to kajal (kohl) as the chances of smudging are less. I wear lip balm and continuously apply and re-apply because chapped lips are the worst thing ever (mine end up bleeding if I smile too wide without lip-balm on). I use Bodyshop’s Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15, and I love it. These are my two makeup essentials. But like I said, if you’re going to be in an air-conditioned atmosphere then the sky is the limit for your makeup choices.


Face packs are pretty great during the summer, or at any time really. My personal favourite is honey, sandalwood, curd and lime. Mix it well and apply it, keep it on for a few hours and when you wash it off, your skin is clearer, softer, cleaner and smoother. I love this homemade remedy, it beats any mass produced product full of chemicals or anything made in a beauty parlour, plus it’s so easy to make. I used to use it when I had lots of dark spots from pimples that I had burst on purpose, those are the toughest spots to get rid of (this was during my 10th and 12th board exams, so no wonder). It took time, but they eventually faded away.

I moisturise my skin every day after I have a shower in the morning, and I use Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 (guys the Healthy White part is not because I’m obsessed with becoming fair, it’s because it has SPF 24; I’m completely against trying to be a skin tone lighter than what is naturally given to you, though fairness cream adverts disagree; anyway I digress). This is for my arms, legs and hands.


I just started using this product so it’ll take some time to see if it really protects my skin from the harsh rays of the sun.


I know that everyone’s always stressing on this, but DRINK LOTS OF WATER. It really is the best thing for your body, regardless of the weather.Hydration reflects on the skin, and I personally have felt that when I drink up to three liters a day, my skin looks healthier, more alive and less dry and sickly; especially my facial skin.


Carry a bottle of water with you, or if you know that there is someplace to get/buy water then that’s great too. I carry a bottle everyday to class and I can’t survive without it.

Fruits and Veggies: Eat lots of fruits. Who can resist eating fruits during the summer! That’s the only bearable part of it- the mango eating time of the year. Though eating too many mangoes causes ulcers and pimples (for me especially, I’ve learnt the hard way) I do it every summer regardless, so be careful, (because mangoes once consumed produce heat in the body that results in ulcers and pimples) . Fruits like watermelon are perfect for the summer, because they are high in water content, taste AWESOME and of course are high in Vitamin C which is good for the skin.


Vegetables like cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes are my favorites so I eat them all year round, but again they are essential for the summer because they make a mean salad, are light and easy to digest as opposed to a heavy meal which weighs heavier on your already exhausted summer-enduring body.

So that’s it for today, hope you guys benefited from this post. I know that we’re aware of most of the things in this post, but sometimes we need the idea to be reinforced to do something about it.

See you on Friday!

Costumes and Film

Happy Sunday to all of you out there on the World Wide Web!

Movie costumes

I’ve always found it interesting to track the evolution of fashion in films from the beginning of cinema to the present; how fashion in films is a reflection of not just how people of that era dressed but also of the social structure, political scenario, taboos, music, art and how life itself was structured. The evolution of thought along with that of the costumes is a topic that might seem shallow to a few but is actually very relevant. This is because costumes represent ideas, thought and innovation that coincides with that of a particular time period as well. Period films for example, are wonderful to watch because of their costumes that vary from being beautiful and charming to simple and sometimes boring but relevant to the plot.

A-Dangerous-Method-Keira-Knightley-49 keira_knightley_sabina_spielrein levin dangerous method keira 615

Films like A Dangerous Method used delicate fabrics and designs to add to the image of the mentally disturbed patient Sabina Spielrein played by Keira Knightley. Lace, crochet and tulle are some fabrics that can be identified, which reflect not just the character, but the portrayal of women as well, as meek, passive and delicate creatures. Colours like white, peach and ivory also reinforces this observation with the ideal of purity. The male characters’ costume designs were straight cut shirts, trousers and dinner jackets of dark colours; mostly black and brown. Again I feel that it reflects the mindset of that period with rigidity of thought and morals.

gone with the wind gwtw scarlett-ohara

Jumping to the early 1900s, where with movies like “Gone with the Wind”, the character of Scarlet O’ Hara played by Vivien Leigh was relatively brighter, more colorful and bold, just like the personality of Scarlet O’ Hara, using colours like red, blue and green for her costumes. With the beginning of strong female leads, the costumes also evolved.

streetcar_named_desire streetcar_named_desire.jpg 2

In the film, “A Streetcar named Desire”, again casting Vivien Leigh as Blanche Dubois, the costumes worn by Vivien reflected the character of Blanche as  the weak, delusional and impulsive woman that the character was, with her cheap imitation jewelry and dresses (intended to appear so for the character). The tight vests and trousers worn by Marlon Brando represent the angry young man image of the character.

Breakfast at tiffany's

Now comes my favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The costumes worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film were game-changers. They blew open the entire fashion industry with the introduction of the iconic Little Black Dress (LBD). The cowel neck sweater, the orange trench coat and pearls sewn on the back of the dress changed not just the fashion world, but that of the layperson. These designs, colors and fabrics were those that could be imitated or worn by anyone. It represents the changing trend in fashion at the time and the strong yet impulsive and flimsy nature of Holly Golightly and of course the legend that is Audrey Hepburn.

MCDBRAT EC006        Breakfast at tiffany'sBreakfast-at-Tiffany-s-audrey-hepburn-2297019-1024-576                                                                      turtle neck sweater

The films of the early 80’s really molded how and what we wear today. Whether it’s the androgynous t-shirts, pants and loose jackets, the overflow of denim, the bangs, bright colors like pink, yellow and orange,  flamboyant make-up in various colors and of course the bright and big jewelry, this is the time period we all love to admire. Maybe because it’s close enough to our own, but yet so different. After the 80’s, there came a slew of movies like Pretty Woman, Silence of the Lambs, 10 Things I Hate About You and of course Pulp Fiction. More androgynity in women’s fashion, especially those worn by Clarice Starling played by Jodie Foster that represents a strong FBI agent who is vying for her own position in a male dominated field.

pretty-woman 10-things-i-hate-about-you-7393834138401-01 pulp

Finally we come to the 21st century where so many legendary outfits have made a comeback in fashion and film. Like the outfits worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 1 and 2, The Great Gatsby, Casino Royale and The Help. The gorgeous white gowns worn by Tilda Swinton in Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe are stunning, along with the hair and make up to accentuate the evil emanating from her, the coldness of her heart and the ice that surrounds.

Sex and the City 2 The-Great-Gatsby-2013-Movie-Poster

the-help-movie_95775-1440x900                narnia

Movies like The Hours and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button provide a changing time line within the movie which is interesting to watch along with the evolution of the costumes.

There were so many more movies that I wanted to costume-analyse (if I can use that term) and I wanted to include Bollywood too, but I will put up another post for that. I shall bid adieu now, hope you enjoyed this post!

International Women’s Day

Hello all!

After a day’s break from writing for the blog, and spending all of my study time reading this month’s edition of Vogue India, I’m ready to write this post. This blog post is a bit on the serious side, but relevant nonetheless.


I want to wish everyone Happy International Women’s Day! Today, it is important for women all over the world to realize their true worth, celebrate being themselves and empowering themselves and other women. It’s also important that we as a race overcome gender stereotypes, gender barriers and sexism that is inherent in our society. Anyone is capable of doing anything, if they put their mind to it and are passionate about fulfilling those goals. What reproductive organs we’re born with (or without as the case may be) isn’t important, and we should be content with what we have, while trying to be the best humans we possibly can. Kindness to all is the key.


Kangana Ranaut is such an inspiration to every Indian woman. She has come so far from where she started and is such a talented actor that I can’t wait to watch her new film Queen.This week she appeared along with Freida Pinto, National Award-winning editor Namrata Rao, National Award-winning cinematographer Anjuli Shukla and producer Guneet Monga on Anupama Chopra’s show The Front Row for a special Women’s Day celebration episode. The interview was honest, enlightening and candid to say the least and the perspectives given by all the women were diverse yet interesting. Kudos to them!

the front row

On an entirely different note, I recently started a quest to try to be vegan. I am an ardent animal lover, believe in ahimsa (non-violence) and living in harmony with nature. That being said, it is an incredibly difficult task. In a city like Bangalore, where the weather is incredibly unpredictable, the humidity soars during the day and rain cools the city at night, I just want a lick of ice cream regardless of the climate. But alas, I shall have none, and I have to make my peace with it. Also, becoming a vegan has helped me lead a more healthy life, as I’m incredibly lazy and love (loved: past tense now) junk food, but I can’t eat most food items. So I guess there are some significant plus points!


I discovered some vegan chocolate at Landmark and it’s called Cacao (nobody can take chocolate away from me). Be sure to try it because it’s really yummy! I also discovered a vegan chocolate cake recipe, so when I go home I will try it out and post the recipe along with the review here! I want to try more vegan recipes and pass it on to all the other vegans out there.


The March edition of Vogue is the first that I’ve read in almost a year. I must say I was really impressed with it, and I loved the article “Web of Influence” by Dal Chodha, “Ace Venturer” by Megha Mahindru on Aditi Kothari and of course the Trend Report. Aditi Kothari’s interview was so awe-inspiring and empowering for all the readers. I wish her luck on Winvest!

My favorite article though was “Web of Influence” because it highlights the power and influence of social media in today’s world. The number of blogs, websites, Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for fashion and fashion related topics is overwhelming. What’s more is that it’s encouraging for someone like me who only has a laptop, internet connection and WordPress account, and no real experience in the industry. The mention of Neelam Johal, the first British Indian model to be featured for Burberry’s latest ad campaign, brought about feelings of pride within me for a fellow Indian!


That’s it for today, but if you have any questions/comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


Hello all!

Today my post will be about a new brand that has come to my attention and I have to say, I have some pretty talented classmates in my midst. My friends Sarah David, Manasi Srinivas, Priyanka Cherian and Gowri Sridhar have started their own company called Glitterati which specializes in making handmade books and earrings. They started selling their products last week and have already garnered quite a few happy customers. They make the books and earrings from scratch, and everything is made by them.

Glitteratti 2

I had the opportunity of interviewing them for my blog, and this is what they had to say about it:

On asking them about how they came together to start this new venture, Sarah said, “What motivated us was the fact that we needed to do something with our extra time and channel our creativity as well as unleash our artistic streak. The idea came to us one evening when we were sitting on my terrace, talking about how we would stick together even after college.” And they’re a pretty close-knit group too.

Glitteratti 1

The philosophy of the brand, Priyanka says, “We want to make affordable jewelry (only earrings for now) and handmade books for college students like us who are on a budget and can’t afford to buy expensive stuff all the time”. (I know only too well what that is about). Their earrings range from Rs.50-100 and their books from Rs.150-250.

Glitteratti 4

“As of now”, Gowri says, “We want to concentrate on the two products and just survey our competition, but we do want to take things a step further in the future by perhaps becoming a known brand among ‘handmade lovers’ and setting up our own niche in the market while competing against other brands”.

Glitteratti 5

Their target customers, according to Manasi,  are “Mainly students as we mentioned above, and absolutely anyone who loves and appreciates handmade goodies and who survives on tight budgets.” Glitteratti is definitely an option for you!

Glitteratti 8

As the brand has just begun their entrepreneurial venture, they are focused on Bangalore-based customers  for now, but I’m sure business will soon pick up and they will start shipping to other cities/states as well.

Wishing them all the best from me! 🙂 I love their earrings and have bought a pair too, as they go very well with our college clothes, aka kurtas and pajamas.

I also asked two of their customers what they took from the brand, and Meghana Ravichandran, another classmate says that “The creativeness is beautiful to say the least, and the great thing about the designs is that they can be used by anyone. Some of the designs give off an aesthetic look to any dress and am glad that they started it because it seems to me that the revival of small trendy, traditional earrings is in order.”

Glitteratti 9

Ankitha Venkatram, also a classmate says that, “The creativity is great, it’s feminine, cute and unique. The book I have bought from them is sparkly and pretty so it makes me happy just looking at it. I hope they keep going strong and continue to make such pretty things.”

Glitteratti 3

Well, like I said, nothing but praise and encouragement from these happy customers.

On that note, I shall bid goodbye for today. For any questions or comments about Glitteratti, you can check out their Facebook page:

Or them in the comments section below.

Goodbye for now! 🙂

Cara and Chanel

I am a huge Cara Delevingne fan. She is such a fun, quirky person who’s never afraid of being herself, ie mad, weird and absolutely crazy but cool. The fact that she’s dating Michelle Rodriguez (at least til the last time I checked) is awesome in itself as they make such a hot couple.

cara and michelle

She’s such an enigmatic character that even fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld seems quite obsessed with her, as he made her his bride for the Chanel Spring/Summer show at Paris. Not just that, but Chanel’s Autumn/Winter collection for this year has taken fashion shows to new heights.

Cara ss chanel

Lagerfeld is so incredibly talented and it is of course unfair to credit just him, but the entire Chanel team, in my opinion has done a tremendous job.The show took place yesterday, and the picture Cara put up on her Instagram account really impressed me, what with the runway acting as a supermarket scene and the models being customers, moving around with trolleys and picking up Chanel ‘groceries’.

cara aw chanel

Absolutely innovative and a trendy way to showcase their creations. I also loved Cara in her various outfits, and the famous selfie she took backstage at the Paris Fashion Week for Chanel’s Spring/Summer look for this year. So epic, that it definitely gives Ellen’s Oscar selfie some competition!


I came across this really cool illustration that catalogued all the dresses worn by women who have won an Oscar for Best Actress, from Janet Gaynor in 1929 to Jennifer Lawrence in 2013. The evolution of fashion and the different types of dress or ensembles worn by these women is quite interesting.


So my dear readers, that’s it for today. New post tomorrow! 🙂

Television and film obsession

Well, I’m just going to come straight out and say it, I enjoyed the latest Koffee with Karan episode with Freida Pinto and Nargis Fakhri. Freida came across as being relatively genuine and Nargis was downright funny with her Queens accent and the whole ‘dumb’ act that she played. I also really liked the camaraderie between the two women and how completely uninhibited and normal they sounded. Some say it was to titillate the audience, but either way I thought they were funny and incredible to watch as I had quite a few laughs myself.


I will add that I didn’t like the Shivan and Narresh dress that Freida wore and I felt that she was very conscious of herself, in that she felt a little uncomfortable at how revealing it was, not that I have a problem with revealing clothes. It’s just that I felt it didn’t suit her and if one wants to wear revealing clothes one has to be absolutely comfortable in them. Nargis on the other hand looked totally beautiful in her blue Monisha Jaising dress, and I loved how she admitted to sweating and ruining her dress. It’s pretty unheard of, of women (especially Bollywood actresses) being so honest, relatable and candid about such things (also ‘unladylike’).


I watched the film Dallas Buyers Club last night and I absolutely loved it. Jared Leto did such a fantastic job of his role in the film and I’m so glad he won the Oscar for it as it was very well deserved. Also, Matthew McConaughey (hope I’m spelling it right) did a tremendous job too, what with all the weight loss for his character. All in all, a wonderful film and a must-watch.


Last week I watched the recently released Highway starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda. I liked the film, didn’t love it but I appreciated the message that it was trying to convey. I loved the cinematography in the film and honestly hadn’t realized how beautiful our country is.  I am inspired to visit Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh at least once in my life.


Alia Bhatt’s character didn’t have too many costume changes but I really liked the Indian clothes worn in the latter half of the film. Especially the mish-mash of t-shirt, shirt and skirt with tights worn in the song ‘Wanna Mashuo’.


I hope that my knowledge of all things fashion and film related will help me someday as it certainly will not help me in my upcoming exams. Oh the horrors of college life! I suppose I should attempt to study something.

Wish me luck and until tomorrow! 🙂

The Oscars 2014

When I heard that Ellen Degeneres would be hosting the Oscars this year, I was overjoyed. She is only my favorite TV host ever, and I admire her for her life decisions, confidence, her sense of humour and cool manner in which she conducts herself. Coming out at the time that she did could not have been easy, and I respect her immensely for it. Yeah, I think I have a bit of a crush on her haha! Also, I loved how she took the now famous Oscar selfie that crashed Twitter!

Oscar selfie
Me being the lazy ass fatty that I am, turned off my alarm when it rand at 5:30am this morning. That was when the Oscars were being telecast live here in India. However I did manage to turn on the TV at around 7 just in time to catch Jared Leto receive the Oscar for best supporting actor, and I could not have been more proud or happy for him, and I have to admit, I did shed a tear or two at his speech and those of a few others (I’m a crier I guess).
Now on to the important stuff, who wore what. Since I tuned in somewhere in middle I’m guessing, I missed the pre-Oscar E! red carpet interview, but I did manage to get a peek at what most of the actresses were wearing, and I shall provide below a lit of all those that I loved, and those that I did NOT.
First comes my favorite girl in the world, good old JLaw:

I love this girl to bits, it’s like she’s arrived from planet Cool and is the most normal person doing the most amazing job in the world, while being totally relatable. I loved how Ellen automatically assumed Jennifer wanted some pizza when she brought the three massive boxes to the starving guests. She definitely did not disappoint in the wardrobe department and I loved the red dress by Christian Dior. She really stood out in comparison to all the other women who worse more subtle colors. Yet I have to add, I feel like she’s overdoing it with the red obsession since she debuted at the Oscars in a red Calvin Klein dress. I personally feel she should try other colours because she’s gorgeous and can probably pull off any colour she wears.

The next is the gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o in Prada. She looked so pretty and delicate and the colour really suited her skin tone. Congratulations to her on the Best Supporting Actress win!

Camila Alves really took my breath away. The dress isn’t the most flattering but the colour looked stunning on her complexion. She looked gorgeous in the dress and having husband Matthew McConaughey (and Oscar winner for Best Actor for Dalla Buyers Club) on her arm really did not hurt either!

Sandra Bullock’s dress really surprised me. The style and colour are so so SO beautiful that I feel she was the best dressed, the dress was of course by Alexander McQueen.

Jennifer Garner played it safe with her Oscar de la Renta dress, but it did look fabulous on her!

Now on to the ones I didn’t really like:
Anna Kendrick:

I have a lot of respect for the girl, but I really didn’t like her dress. I mean, she looked like a present ready to be unwrapped with those straps on her shoulders, the strange pattern on her midriff and the sudden show of leg. Sweetie, you’re no Angelina.
Lady Gaga:

Now this one was a shock. She really took my breath away, and not in a good sense. She looked like the Oscar statue’s silver wife! With those designs all over the place and that white dupatta like thing trailing behind her.
I have a bad feeling I’ve been watching too much Fashion Police, and I’ve channeled my inner Joan Rivers with the latter half of this post (sorry to anyone who was offended but these are my opinions and I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings).
On the whole I think the world’s most prestigious film award show went well, and I shall watch the whole version tonight because I had to run to class halfway through this morning.
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Home Sweet Home

Im finally home! Its been so long, I almost forgot the layout of the furniture and little details like that. I finally got to meet Kia, a female labrador that my parents adopted. She is the cutest thing ever, though a little unpredictable and a strong hatred for strangers. I was a little apprehensive about meeting her, since she is known to snap at strangers, even friends of my parents, but she was very sweet to me. I suppose the key to approaching this sort of a situation is love. Animals who have faced abandonment only long for love and acceptance. She is slowly settling into the family and adores my thirteen year old sister.
Today I made a breakfast of cheesy eggs and tomatoes after a good workout of helping my parents around the house by sweeping and swabbing it. It was a much needed workout and I more or less made up for the calories lost by promptly making a protein rich breakfast afterwards.
Cheesy eggs!
In the afternoon I made peanut butter cookie cups, though it didnt turn out as well as I had planned. The top parts came out well cooked but the bottoms were stuck to the muffin tray.Thats ok though because there is always next time to improve on it. Please excuse the extremely untidy and unappetising appearance of my peabut butter cookie cups (yes I love saying the name, as pointed out by my sister) they are not as bad as they look!
Peanut butter cookie cups!
The recipe is a great one and I have also added a link to the website with the recipe for those of you who have a flair for baking!

I did a bit of revamping of a shirt of mine recently. Not much but I hated the frills and it was making things too hot for me.
Before with frills After without frills
Im hoping to get down to some serious DIY stuff next week since Im home now and I have more time as well as access to the stuff that I need. I’ll keep y’all posted! xx